Terms & Conditions

Any Backup media from our website can only be purchased on the basis that you use the product for a backup purpose only - you MUST have the original copy of the media in your posession.

You MUST have a modified XBOX 360, PS3 or Nintendo Wii CONSOLE to be able to play the backups provided by GamesBackups ©

All of our products are legal to purchase as long as you have the original version in your possession and that the version you purchase from us will only be used in a spare backup capacity to keep the original from being damaged.

1. The services provided here are strictly for backups for the originals you currently own and wish to protect from damage.
2. These duplications are allowed under British copyright law and you are entitled to this service by law.
3. We provide backups as a service and are not responsible for how you intend to use the backups provided.
4. If you sell your original software you agree to destroy the backup or provide it to the new owner with the original.
5. You take full responsibility for your own actions when using these backups and release us from all liabilities that may arise, expressed, written or implied. By complying with these regulations it allows us (the service provider) to duplicate and you (as a consumer) to receive the right to use backups.

Extended General Terms:

1. We give an approximate 3-5 working day time frame for dispatch purely for the reason that we dont know how many orders we get on any given day so as you can appreciate, it takes time to burn orders as we are an on demand service and dont keep them ready. Your order can be behind up to 30 customers at any given time and we work on a 1st order/pay 1st serve basis.

2. We aim to dispatch orders within these 3-5 working days but cant guarantee that for unforseen circumstances we may not be delayed. At our discretion we will look to compensate for the time loss in which ever way we see fit. When we say ESTIMATED or APPROXIMATE, we mean exactly that, they are not guaranteed.

3. We DO NOT offer refunds as we are a custom service in which we provide a tailored service to each customer. If you are unhappy with your purchase due to it being faulty, we will look to replace it but WILL NOT change a title because you ordered the wrong one.

4. Once orders have been posted, unless they are specifically requested to be recorded or special delivery (extra charges will be added and tracking numbers will be provided) we will not look into any claims or refunds for lost 1st class post orders and we are not held liable for any loss incurred from lost orders. You (the customer) will need to contact royal mail yourself and we will provide as much proof of postage we can which will be very little as we post out 1st class in house with stamps.

This is a risk you take but using 1st class only post. Recorded and Special Delivery items will of course carry a tracking number which will provide but only Special Delivery is next day guaranteed and fully tracked, even Recorded mail can still go missing as we have seen in the past but as there is a tracking number, we will have a reciept as proof of postage.

5. Pre released titles before their official release dates cannot be guaranteed for their data or stealth patching till AFTER their official release date so purchasing titles in advance of their official release date is at your own risk. 99% of the time they will work but using a title on Live before the release date is pretty much an automatic ban so this is always at the customers risk so we always suggest never logging in and using Live till the day of the title's official release date. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree to our legal disclaimer.