Please be patient for delivery, we advise 3-5 working days for dispatch due to the amount of orders we receive. Please remember, we are an on demand service so each title you order is burnt on demand so if there are orders pending before yours, they get priority. We can have anything between 5-15 orders on any given day and it takes time to create your order. We sometimes have a backlog due to increased orders on any given day. We burn on 2.4x speed so that takes 40 minutes per disc so you can appreciate the time it takes to get an order ready. 

If your order has been dispatched, we will not look into your complaint until 28 days of dispatch as we have had customers who have received their orders up to 4 weeks late, even though this is an inconvenience which we understand, we cant just start replaceing orders after a week as we have plenty of work as it is let alone start replacement orders even though we know how long it takes royal mail to deliver so please be patient.

Royal Mail are not the best postal company in the world so delays can occur, even though it is unacceptable, we have had customers receive orders up to 4 weeks late but this is out of our hands so please be patient. If you have not received your order, we will try to help in any way we can but we are not liable for lost mail once its posted. If you want guaranteed post, we can offer special delivery on request.

Returns Policy:

In the event that you need to send the faulty disc back to us, we have an internal procedure:

- If you believe your item is faulty and our technicians verify a fault, you will be sent out a replacement free of any charge 
- If you believe your item is faulty and it is found to not be case by our technicians the item will be returned to you at your expense.
- Please contact us for the returns address. 

NB. You must ensure you register your return items just in case they go missing in the post. We cannot be held liable for return items which we did not recieve.

-Please email if you believe your item is faulty